All the Ways to Get Involved

Need some more inspiration? Here's a big list.

Share the launch video

Share the launch video to your network via social media or email.

Change your profile picture

Change your profile picture to Kei a tātou or We've Got This, or update your cover page with some 'We've got this' campaign imagery.


Download one of the many posters we've designed from the website, print it out and put it in your shop window, staff room or living room window. Or download one of the blank poster templates and create one of your own. Talk to our partners if you need some more posters printed.

Head to your favourite regional destinations

Take some pictures or record a video showing them off, spice up your creations with our custom graphics and share the end result on social media.

Share a shout-out

Share a shout-out on social media to your favourite local businesses or locally-made products.

Spell it out

Spell out ‘we’ve got this!’ in a unique way (e.g. by leading your animals to some feed in a field, arranging some rocks in the estuary, or laying some apples on the ground) and then share it.

Share your optimism

Share a video on social media about how your business has adapted and why you believe the region’s economic future is sound.

Product Stickers

Download a local product sticker from the website and add it to your packaging so the rest of the country knows about the amazing things we produce here.

Do it together

Get a group together, film yourselves doing something awesome and share it on social media.

Our local heroes

Help shine a light on some of our local heroes by sharing their stories on social media.

Pull your finger out

Print out a big finger, take it to an event (or into the streets) and waggle it around. Stickers and other adhesives are also available.

Remember, if you’re sharing on social media, we need you to use the hashtag #nelsontasman or the tag @nelsontasmannz. Or, if you'd prefer, you can send in your submissions via email to